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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We have been working really hard these days.  We hardly have many results but we have been giving it everything that we have.  Honestly I'm really tired and sometimes it's hard not to get disappointed when everything doesn't work out.

Perla still won't accept baptism.  Carolina stopped paying attention to us and won't say a prayer to ask what she should do.  Leidy still hasn't done anything.  Maria del Rosario is one of our best chances but she's going to go to Oaxaca soon and wont be back for over a month.

We have also had various problems with the members who still won't do anything.  Lolis and Sandra haven't come in several weeks.  In these 2 months neither has received a single visit from a single member.  We keep finding out about more and more problems that the members have that makes it so that they shouldn't even have callings.  But we keep trying.  It is very slow and requires a ton of work and even at that we are not seeing a lot of progress.

We also did get to go to Ponciano this week.  We visited the members during lunch and then went to work. I'll just say that it didn't turn out like we hoped it would.  Some of the pictures there are from our preparations.  We made a ton of puzzles and were going to do some really cool things with balloons and the Books of Mormon but I'll just leave it at that.  One person that we visited talked to us for 2 and a half hours and burnt all of the time that we had so we had relatively little success there.

We also had a training on Thursday.  The President's assistants told us that they are proud of what we are doing with Panuco/Ebano but that we should keep working and even work a little bit harder.  We'll see what we can do.  We are going to try to revive the members in Ebano for the three weeks that are coming and we'll see if we can keep Ebano going for the next transfer.

Our most promising investigator right now is Severiano.  We met him through a reference and we went to visit him one other time last week.  He read the pamphlet that we gave him so that is promising.  He's mostly blind and he told us that it is hard to read but that he enjoys reading.  He was the only one to come to church yesterday and during priesthood he made a lot of really great comments.  We are going to teach him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon tomorrow and hopefully he can realize fast that it is true.  That's why references are so great.  It is much easier and much more effective. We´ll see what we can do this week to keep going.

The biggest problem that we are facing right now is that this week end we have to go to the district conference in Panuco.  That means that we have to take investigators and members 45 minutes by car to Panuco and then the conference and then come back.  So not many people are going to come. But it also helps us to see who really has desires to come and who doesn't.  It weeds out the weaklings, but it leaves the garden very very empty besides the few very strong plants.  

Thank yo for everything.  We are excited for what's to come and this week we are going to work even harder to be able to invite others to come unto Christ.

If nothing else I'm learning a lot about me and about how I actually cope when there is stress.  Not something that I'm used to, but I'm getting there.  The heat is about getting ready to start here and we'll see how we handle that.  the good news is that the Elders quorum president bought us two containers of Gatorade dust so we shouldn't get dehydrated too easily.

I know that the church is true and that without a doubt God does have a plan for us and many times when we pray for help he will tell us what to do to be able to achieve that plan.  He wants to help us and the Spirit will tell us how to be able to overcome our problems as long as we are actually willing to act on that answer.  It's hard but it's worth following the spirit, because that is when we will learn what is the plan.

I love you and have a great week.  Make sure to visit ward members and don't ever use the excuse with the Elders that you don't have time and that you are busy.  God gave you all of your time so make sure to give it to his work and his Glory and that includes doing home and visiting teaching in a very very dedicated and loving way to those families that do need your help.

Elder Allred

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