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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Well speaking about the roller coaster of missionary work I would definitely say that right now we are trying to go uphill but we don't have much momentum helping us out.

In other words it was a rough week.  We have been pretty stressed but we keep going every day.

We did, however, have a little success with a few investigators.  With Seberiano we put a baptismal date for July 15th.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon and is doing great.  The only problem was yesterday when we went to District Conference.  We went early because we were trying to leave room for the investigators in the trucks.  So we went by bus. Everything was all set up well and Seberiano actually got to the rendezvous place on time without any problem.  He was there waiting with a few other members when (ten minutes later than they were planning on meeting) some Jehovah's Witnesses showed up.  They started talking to him a bit and invited him to their conference that they were having (it's not fair... they had food).  He got in and went with them instead.  The members said that they couldn't help but let their jaws fall open.  So I guess Satan really did his work there and he beat us pretty sorely there.  But we are going to see how it goes this week and if he really wants to learn from us and live it or if he is just listening to listen to the Word of God.

Perla and her family also had a miracle this week.  On Monday she told us about a few problems that she is having with her "husband".  We read from the Family Proclamation, invited her to pray and then wait until she got an answer from God about what she had to do.  We promised her as Christ's representatives that if she would do that and then do what ever God asked her to do then she would see a miracle.  So Tuesday she talked to us and said that suddenly her husband wanted to listen to us.  We have talked to him a few times and although he has a lot of problems, he is great.  He has ADHD but we are working with that.  They do have to get married which means that Roberto has to get divorced first.  And that's what's going to take a while.  So we are going to try to get that done and hopefully we can get everything worked out fast and effectively so that they can progress.  Because without a doubt they love the church and mention repeatedly the peace that they feel.

So we have very few people and they have problems.  so this week we are going to look hard to find more people to teach.  hopefully we can find several people that will come to church, read, and pray and by so doing gain a testimony of the church, repent and get baptized.  We are going to keep trying and hopefully we can progress.

We also tried to help a member repair his truck this week.  We know that the problem is the gas pump.  We went with the member to Ponciano and it is obviously the gas pump that is the problem.  So we went to help him and he said "Elders, it's not the pump that's the problem it's the air filter." ??? so he proceeds to show us this....  He took off the air filter and said when I plug this then the truck turns off so he plugged the tube with his hand and the truck started struggling.  So I guess that when you take the air supply away the truck turns off.  We argued with him as the truck continued struggling (without his hand plugging it's air supply) and at the end of the argument we had to leave him with his problems that he doesn't want to recognize.  Another real world example of missionary work.  People don't want to realize what the real problem is..  the lack of the Gospel and they cover their problems with other things.

Missionary work is hard, but I do feel like it is worth my time.  I keep getting better and even though it is hard I guess that is the best way to learn.

I love you and hope you keep enjoying your summer.
Elder Allred

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