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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Change is great.  It was about time for some sort of change.  I didn't really care whether I went or my companion or both of us, or even if we stayed together but in another area.  I just wanted some thing to change.  And I am not in Ebano anymore.  Back to Victoria.  We'll see if I can last a while here this time.  I am in Flores Ward which is right next to Carrera so I do know a bit about the area.  We hope to be able to animate the members after some other bad experiences that they have had with missionaries.   I am going to be with Elder Pizarro.  He has three months in the mission field and has one transfer in Flores already.  He's excited and we already knew each other because he was serving in Panuco before he came here to Victoria.  We are hoping to have a lot of success here.
Well, My companion did stay in Ebano, I don't know what he's going to be able to do with that.  Seberiano lost a lot of excitement for the Gospel and the church when I told him that I was going to go.  He actually said "Oh! I guess we'll postpone the baptism then" and then he walked out of the church.  Hopefully my companion can find him and explain to him that the church is still true even though I'm not there.

Perla didn't go to church yesterday because she got sick.  I did go to say goodbye.  Hopefully she will decide to get baptized.  She still won't make the decision.  I hope that she decides to follow the example of Jesus Christ and that she can know that the church is true as well.

The pictures that I sent are from our District.  I guess there must have been an angelic ministration behind us or maybe it's a sign that we are going to be translated.  Maybe it was just a window.  But it's the picture that I got before we had to go running to get to the bus on time.  I will send more pictures when my companion sends me the few that he got.  We also took pictures with the Morales Family.  I forgot to take pictures with the other people that we visited but I will try to remember better here and I'll send more pictures.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week.  I know that the church is true and that we have the fullness of the Gospel that the other churches don't have.  They all have a part of the truth but they are missing the authority and at least part of the truth.  Thanks to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon all of those parts that were missing have already returned to the earth.  Like President Monson said "If you do not have firm testimony of these things, do thawhich is necessary to obtain one. It is essential for you to have your own testimony in these difficult times, for the testimonies of others will carry you only so far. However, once obtained, testimony needs to be kept vital and alive through continued obedience to the commandments of God and through daily prayer and scripture study."

I know that he is the prophet of God and that if we follow his instructions we will be able to make it through these tough times.

Elder Allred

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