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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

(I normally try to edit out the typos from Brady's letters.  I decided to leave them in this week.)

please wish Conner and grandma a happy birthday for me, and anyone else that you cn think of.
This keyboard really stinks and not a lot happened this week so this letter will be a little bit shorter.

Flores is about the same size as Ebano, but it feels about 10 times smaller.  It is amazing what public transport will do for an area.  I love the buses here.  they save me so much time and energy, but we still walk plenty.  the ward has more members that come to church than we do. It was incredible to see a full sacrament meeting yessterday.  we do need to work quite a bit on reeverence and recognizing the real importance of the sacrament.

talking about the Sacrament.  this month in the Liahona (probably in tthe new era) it talked about how we can take the sacrament better.  and irealized that we should honestly remember the Sacrament every day if we are going to realy take the sacrament onn sunday.  it means so much mor tome taking the sacrament when I really think about Christ during the week and really repent of all of my eerrors during the week.  I invite youu all to study the Atonement this week and try to undersstand how ithelps youu personally.

i also testify of what mmom said.  We really do just go through the motions in the church.  but i invite you all do try to do the things for the right reasons always.  Maybe a good study and applicationn of Moroni 7 would be a great starting place.  and then follow up with Alma 5.  I think that it will change you.

elder pizarro is bolivian, he is a recent convert of a little more than a year and a half, so he has a lot of great questions about the doctrines.  I`m glad that he allready finished his training so i know that he already has the basics down and I am helping him to answer a lot of his questions about...well about anything that you cn think of.  I have honestly learned so much in these 10 months and i keep learning more every day.  Study the scriptures daily or you will fall away from the church, if not physically then spiritually.

He's really lovable and likes to talk to the people, so I am going to take advantage of that to be able to get me in nthe habbit of talking to people.

we have a ton of exmissionarie inn the ward that are willing to work, but we just need to get them to do it for themselves, i am going to see how we are going to do that.  i do see a grand potential for working with members here in the ward.

The house is iin much better condition now than it was last week.  We got out of our water bill debt, bought a fryinng pan, and got rid of most of the dust that was on the floor.  It`s now a vey different house.

We should have a baptism next week.  we are working with Karen and teaching her.  She is almost readdy and wwe are exctited.  after her baptism we have the goal to look for a family to baptize in August.  wee are going to look hard because we have nobody else in our teaching circle.  we left a ton of investigators this week that have 4 months in teaching and haven't gone to church still.  it hurt my companionn`s feelings, but we would waste a lot of timme if we keep ogining with them more than once a week.  we`ll see whaat we`ll do this week and we hope to find a few families to teach.

i amm sorry for thee horrible spelling and grammar.  it`s ont my fault.  tHis keyboard is horrible. 

i love you all and hope that you can keep doing thinngs tahat will help you get closer to God.  if youu donn`t want to do faammily history work then please do it for me.  don`t forget to pray and read the scriptures everyday.  and try to realaly understand the sabbath day observance.  it will change your weeks.

Elder Allred

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